LockVoy is a subbrand of CLK Supplies, selling in-house products. The LockVoy Rekeying and Pinning kits needed to be updated badly! With a new plastic case and a printed insert designed.
The old design
We were implementing the LockVoy brand, and needed a product that reflected the message. This version below was done on a home printer first in the early 2000's. I was definitely excited to give this a refresh.
The new design
Militaristic, tough, and classic. This new design has been selling excellently, more than the previous design!
Brands have to serve their hero. Businesses can't just talk about themselves. The customer is on a journey to becoming better, more fulfilled, or better equipped at their job.
This product represents the quality, utility, and what the locksmith needs.
CLK Supplies is a locksmith supply distributor. They believe in selling only the best products, and uplifting their customers. The industry is full of cheap products and things that frustrate locksmiths over time. CLK recognizes that locksmiths are heroes that need to be equipped well.

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